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I ship myself with academic success and contentment

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23 year old Brianna Rollins kickin ass 


  Luminous Mosque with the rainbow colors by Mohammad Reza Domiri Ganji

The stunning Nasir al-mulk Mosque hides a gorgeous secret between the walls of its fairly traditional exterior: stepping inside is like walking into a kaleidoscope of colors. Every day, the rays of the early morning sun shine through colorful stained-glass windows, transforming the halls into a dazzling wonderland of rich hues, patterns, and light that play on the floor of the mosque.

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in a class and the tutor looked right at me and mentioned something about using Facebook in class. 

lady you and i know what i am here to do: pass and use the wifi. 

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"thats not very lady-like of you"


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when someone gives you an irrelevant opinion you didnt ask for


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“Everything is temporary.”

3 words that completely changed my life once I fully accepted them  (via bl-ossomed)

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Get up this morning, go have breakfast with mum downstairs, come back upstairs to boot up my computer and….

Five messages on twitter….

Fourteen messages on facebook….

And this is waiting for me on tumblr. 




GDI babe

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i refuse to be shamed for having a body. i refuse to get embarrassed when a tampon falls out of my purse or spend a whole day anxious about if someones going to notice that i forgot to shave a patch of leg hair. i wasnt put on this earth to spend my time apologizing for my existence and i refuse to let anyone make me feel like i have to waste my energy on all that petty shit

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